Name:  Oregon Bottom Floor
Creator:  Vibe-.
Description:  vibe made this :)
Notes:  Mira will put her Mira window on the right wall of the supply closet and on the right wall of Box. She will make head holes into the freezer then hold either Mira window. Melusi will put her charges on the back stairs, laundry stairs, and freezer. She will hold the Mira window not being held. Warden reinforces all 3 hatches then roams in meeting hall for as long as possible making sure not to get killed, but to waste time, if he gets killed he must go out with a trade at least. Jager puts his charges where needed and on Mira Windows then holds the freezer. Goyo will go and put his shields in construction, bottom freezer, and bottom laundry stairs. Then he will hold pillar
Map:  Oregon (Ubisoft)